Mirjam Kustov


Mirjam Kustov



Contact: Mirjam Kustov


                Based in Estonia


2017-2020 Estonian Academy of Arts, BA ceramicist

Workshop participations:

Oct 2018 Kristin Andreassen´s (Oslo Metropolitan University) workshop for abstract surface porcelain vessel

July 2019 Sergei Isupov´s workshop for abstract-figurative sculpture

Solo Exhibition:

Aug 2018 Pop-up gallery as part of town Saue´s anniversary celebration

July 2021 Pop-up gallery by Mihkli church, Pärnu county, Estonia

Group Exhibition:

Feb-Mar 2021 Exhibition "Vase" at ARS applied art gallery with vase "1900"

Dec 2020 "Matilda" and 2nd edition of "EXIT" are presented at annual exhibition in the Tartu Art House. This year the title is "Tightrope Walker"   

May 2019 Group exhibition “Sisu” in Telliskivi creative city for Estonian Academy of Arts 2nd year ceramics students


May 2020 Individual work “EXIT” (2020) chosen for exterior sculpture by ARS Art Factory and Estonian Artists Association

May 2020 Participation in a group exterior sculpture project for ARS Art Factory and Estonian Artists Association

Aug 2016 Building my own studio